INTUITION : All answers resides inside us.


Inside, each of one of us, we know what is right or wrong, what should be done or shouldn’t be done,  to keep holding or it’s the time to let go, but what matters is, do we follow our inner voice!?  Candidly speaking, we all know, how many times, we have stood against our guts in vain, trying to mold  so called, ‘intuitions’ in succour of our will.
At least, in my case, I have eventually learned, how astounding these little guts feeling could be. I remembered well, when I was little kid, around 14 yrs old may be, I had some kind of precognition, that something dangerous is going to happen to someone very close to me, my own mother become the prey to my horrendous thoughts, she got sicked with life threatening disease, also I could catch that feeling inside me, which was pointing to wellness, doctors had given up, family was told “sorry” by docs, which is their code term for saying, have your last moments with your beloved one, but I knew, it will be not happen this way, albeit knowing this, I remained silent, within  a week, she recovered, docs called it miracle recovery, I smiled 🙂 and was stunned too, how could I know this ? Am I special or it’s just a guess, perhaps a gimmick ? As I grew older, I observed that more and more, but it wasn’t a gift to me only, I knew loads of people, who had strong power of intuition. 


Things started to become more clearer, as I started to practice meditation…..yes true I never found any holy person speaking from inside me but at the same time, I could confirm, there is something more deeper to it! One of the factor, as I learned is, ability to differentiate between hearing and listening, most of time, we are caught up in our world of thoughts, inner chatter occupies our mind, we don’t have a moment of silence inside our skull, and consequence of this way of living is, we are not able to listen to our ‘selfs’.  ! Many times even body signals us but we didn’t even notice that, for example, in most cases of heart attack, the patient is warned before, the body signals indirectly, by pain in chest, spine….. But we couldn’t catch that, why? Simply, we don’t know or don’t want to sense our inner signals, many life’s could be saved, if we are just able to interact and learn to grasp our so called signals from our body !
Here goes the famous Einstein iterate ~

The intuitive mind is a scared gift and the rational mind is faithful servant. We have created a society, that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Yes, I could declare it now, my past relationships went terribly wrong, when I look back, I could see, how much something inside me, was eagerly saying, “she isn’t the one”!! Being blinded in sham feelings, I kept sailing in the boat of ignorance………….. Later on, it blasted and in the end, I let it go, trusting myself, this should be done. Now, I don’t get involve or take my step back, whenever I smell something fishy ! 
This wise saying perfectly fits here :  
               ” At the Center of your being, you have the answer; you know who you are  and you know what you want. “ 

Ending this with a brilliant article on intuition and guts feelings :