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Mother’s Day : the noblest gift to offer.


Mother, to us,is the most, better to say, a gifted being, who has cherished and nurtured with her boundless love and unconditional care. Since the time, when we’re in her worm, she tolerated  all those painful moments, sometimes we kicked, we move  directionless here and there, and then, come outside, took away her sound sleep at night, crying, peeing on bed 😀 uncounsiosly making her dance to our tunes.
 Even, now, at least me, keep some reliance on my mother, she has been the only person, with whom I open up to most extent and share my deep feelings, hidden in void, right now, writing this note for her, gives and fills me, with pure joy and happiness 🙂  the source of this happiness is pure love, the love of mother and her child, the most profound connection. 
Since, my childhood, she let me, be myself, choose my own path, even when at age of 17 years, when I asked to convert into Buddhist, she happily supported me, to my every crazy projects, from saving street dogs to Go Green project, she stood with me, like a pillar adhering against the odd stack. I still remember, when as a little kid, I was afraid to stay alone in home, she used to carry me with her in her office, making times out of her packed schedule, taking me to bal Bhawan( kids recreational centre ), many times as most kids, I was annoying and demanding, she never even showed a glance of tiredness of handling such a notorious child. 
Yes, I could say, surely because of her, unconditional love, that she’s  pouring into me, since 22 years, had me developed into a kind and benevolent being, with her each act of kindness, I learned and absorbed as goes the wise dictum, ” a lot of times you learn by osmosis, by hanging around good people”.

We all Owe boundless gratitude to our prarents, as Buddha famously quoted : 
I tell you, monks, there are two people who are not easy to repay. Which two? Your mother & father. Even if you were to carry your mother on one shoulder & your father on the other shoulder for 100 years, and were to look after them by anointing, massaging, bathing, & rubbing their limbs, and they were to defecate & urinate right there [on your shoulders], you would not in that way pay or repay your parents. If you were to establish your mother & father in absolute sovereignty over this great earth, abounding in the seven treasures, you would not in that way pay or repay your parents. Why is that? Mother & father do much for their children. They care for them, they nourish them, they introduce them to this world.

“But anyone who rouses his unbelieving mother & father, settles & establishes them in conviction; rouses his unvirtuous mother & father, settles & establishes them in virtue; rouses his stingy mother & father, settles & establishes them in generosity; rouses his foolish mother & father, settles & establishes them in discernment: To this extent one pays & repays one’s mother & father.”

— AN 2.32

In nutshell, only by sharing and showing them, the path to complete peace and happiness, the ‘dhamma’, is the right way for paying our gratitude to our parents. Okay, this is bit theoretical too,how I did is few years back, when I started to contemplate, what could the highest gift offered to my mother( or parents );  at that time too, I had that much wisdom, that no material gift will last forever, my inner feeling and at tha same time, these above teachings, lead me to practice, this path of truth, path of Buddhism with my mother, as written in dhammapada, “the gift of dhamma, surpass all other gifts”. I never ever asked her to change her religion, or impose any rule on her, rather nurturing generosity and kindness, the two pillars of bright mind; I would make offerings to the monks at our near by temple or donations to people in in need ( India is a poor country, many don’t have adequate amount to survive ). Reading, Metta sutta( Buddha’s teachings on loving kindness ) and watching some dhamma videos, that would interest her. Whenever I make visit to my near by Thai monastery, I would asked her to prepare some meals, so that she could have some share in the offering too, better, when she’s along with me, I would asked her to join me whilst offering, so that, she feels that joy born out of giving, out of shear generosity.
It’s late night, 2 am, I’ll be sleeping with a joyful heart, morning surprise ready! With her favorite food, drinks, pooped creatively with flowers, floating candles, and a little white Buddha, adding serenity  __/\__ 
Thank you, Mommy!
( PS this isn’t a frame, it’s an image on ipad, DIY preparations )

Understating death; the only force to make us ‘really’ alive.

Since beginning, we are conditioned to be negligent of death, being unprepared and ignorant, We bombshell, when faced to our own ultimate end ! 
Just today, I realized how powerful is mindfulness of death is ! When I saw the near to death encounter of my own mother!!!! Everything was going as usual, I was in college packed up fully in exams and project works, then, a call at a sudden, made me scurry up without even taking all my stuff along with me, it was call from a person, who is most better I say, the ‘only’ one who resides in my heart, my lovable, my life, my precious mother !!!!! Worst I heard her crying, with her voice trembling as, the tree trembles down, when it is cut from the roots, with leafs following every where directionless……. She got an accident and injured her and was very scared, later she told me, I was the first person, she called, so that she could bid me the final farewell, tears fell apart as the reckless rocks fall from grin of mountains, hastily I thus reached, there in emergency ward, I saw her miserable state and in no time, this insight hit my mind, Death, can occur anytime, it is govern by laws of uncertainty! As blesses one said, ” whatever you think it will be, it is always something different “; Yes, we all know this, but at that time, I didn’t only know that; but understood by heart! !

Now, when I look around, I could see, how lucky we are?  look at those little tiny insects, they are stake of being crushed at any time! Those street animals, cats, who solely survive on garbage, many die due to starvation, perhaps ran down by car!!!
But, being humans, we have, intelligence, brain, processesing power, thus cotemplate, our lucky nature, and generate compassion towards weak beings 🙂 when I once saved a puppy life, I saw in his eyes, conveying deep gratitude towards me, thus still that memory give me happiness whenever I look back. ……….

“When you embrace the problem and bring it close to you, you have a  chance to understand it. When you run way, your face is turned opposite to the problem”
( Ajahn brahm)

Also,  being mindful of our death, helps us to be more kind and compassionate towards other beings, nurturing care and togetherness among each other, as we know, we care something themost when we know, it won’t last forever……No one knows what comes after death, but at least if we have lived our life wisely and earnestly, we could peacefully bid our final farewell, thus making our life meaningful, creating harmony amongst all beings. We start to  value little things, as Buddha said, ” easily satisfied and content; not proud and demanding in nature” we appreciate what we have, not craving for what we couldn’t have, letting past go, nor thinking about future, living each and every moment happily and peacefully here and now.
This contemplation of death, is greatest contemplation, it makes us realize how uncertain,  how out of control our life Is?  Thus, whatever limited time, we have, we live it well, we find meanging of life.  As Gandhi famously said, “Live your each day, as it’s yours last day” then only we will really ‘begin’ to live.